Clearing the 12 Meridians - Practioner Guide


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The 12  main meridians are are like energy highways in our body. These pathways are not identifiable on a physical level.  The meridians are more like an energetic distribution system that flow more with energetic manifestation.

This course will teach you to clear negative emotions by purifying the  main meridians from emotional debris and memory. 

Course material is a combination of  audio and visual instructions including:

- Pdfs to help you identify which emotions are associated to a specific meridian and accupuncture points.

- Instructions on clearing the Meridians using multiple energetic techniques including Acupuncture, The Five Element ReleaseTechnique and Fragrance Alchemy.

When we purify our main meridians for emotional debris and memory, we are able to walk gracefully through life with a sense of newness and being in the moment. Our minds are cleared and the problems of today become easier to handle because we’ve opened the channels to cooperate more fully with the unfolding of life.