who we are

Jennifer Rubio, Grand Master of Belvaspata, Runes Master, Healer, Spiritual Coach

Jennifer Rubio uses a combination of life skills, Belvaspata healing, Runes of the Infinite Mother, and Fragrance Alchemy  to work with clients to help them release obselete programing and clear emotional blockages. Together she works with her clients to faciliate change by viewing life's obstacles as gifts and seeing the underlying perfection in all.

Jennifer started her journey in metaphysics 17 years ago when she began exploring metaphysical teachings. In 2005, she began her awakening with her spiritual guide and mentor who awoke within her psychic and healing abilities. Later in 2008 she became a student of Almine and continues to study and follow her teachings today.

Jennifer is a certified Grand Master of Belvaspata  and Grand Master of the Runes.  She teaches Yogas of Illumination, Meridian Release Techniques, and specializes in Spriitual  Counselling and Coaching.

As founder of A Luminous Life, Jennifer works in collaboration with Sylvia and other spritual teachers to provide Healing Seminars, Yoga Workshops, Private Healing Sessions, Spiritual Counselling, and Spiritual Retreats for those who are ready to awaken from the dream.

Sylvia Perez, Kriya Yoga Meditation Teacher, Healer, and Spiritual Coach

Sylvia Perez has been exploring the path of Kriya yoga for over 25 years. Her first introduction to meditation came at age of nine years old, when she began to explore the many writings and lessons of the late Goswami Kiyanada of the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. Many years later, as an adult, Sylvia received her certification in meditation under the temple’s Meditation Teacher Training Program. 

 Her practice blends Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices for a comprehensive attunement of inner-self to promote balance and wholeness of mind, body, and spirit.  Sylvia leads monthly meditation practices at temple using the powerful meditation techniques as taught by Goswami Kriayananada and has done numerous workshops on mind body healing using these techniques.   

As founder of the Blue Lotus Aromatherapy Company, Sylvia integrates meditation with aromatherapy  as a complementary healing modality to promote wellness and peace amidst a hectic lifestyle. She creates healing products made from sustainably harvested essential oils that positively affect the mind, body and spirit.