Aromatherapy Products


There are toxic invaders lurking in some of the beauty products we use every day? Some of these chemicals are getting into our bodies and may be causing health problems. In the US, major loopholes in federal law allow the cosmetics industry to put thousands of synthetic chemicals into personal care products even if those chemicals are linked to cancer, infertility or birth defects. According to data from the federal Food and Drug Administration, nearly 1 in 5 cosmetic products contains a substance that generates formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen.

 • Only 11% of 10,500 chemicals in cosmetics have been tested for safety. 

• The average woman absorbs 5 lbs. of make-up chemicals PER YEAR. 

• Mineral Oil, Paraffin, and Petrolatum coat the skin like plastic—clogging pores and creating a build-up of toxins. They slow cellular development creating earlier signs of aging. They disrupt hormonal activity. 

• Parabens have been linked to cancer because of their hormone-disrupting qualities. Traces of parabens have been found in breast tumor samples. 

 OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE WITH: 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. We provide affordable products without compromising on quality.

Fragrance Alchemy

The alchemy of these oils is specific to the meridian, chakra, and other body systems. The oils are rubbed into specific acupuncture points in the body called the Meridians.  

Meridians are like energy highways in our body. These pathways are not identifiable on a physical level. The meridians are more like an energetic distribution system that flow more with energetic manifestation. 

Each of the 12 main meridians and 8 extraordinary merdians are responsible for a specific part of the body in order to maintain health and move Qi, Jing and blood. Typically, problems arise when there is too much, too little, or an imbalance of energy flowing. If these energy paths are blocked or not flowing properly we are experiencing spiritual, emotional, or physical disease.  

 When we purify our meridians for emotional debris and memory, we are able to walk gracefully through life with a sense of newness and being in the moment. Our minds are cleared and the problems of today become easier to handle because we’ve opened the channels to cooperate more fully with the unfolding of life.

Spritual Coaching

Intensive Private Sessions & Personal Coaching Program   

 This intensive program is for students who are seriously commited to spiritual growth and are ready to catapult into the sacred journey of mastery and acension.  Just as each of us is a unique perspective of life, our coaching sessions are uniquelly tailored for you. Together we clear ages of  emotional blockages of fear, anger and protectivness.   


The benefits to this program are priceless.   

   Your life will forever be changed as our program will help you step into your greatness, take full control of your life, manifest a new reality of harmony and grace. Learn tools and techniques that can spontaniously change any sitiuation into gained insight. Learn to dissolve duality and oppostion and yield power and insight as you enter into the eternal perspective.  


  Program options are 3 to 6 months. 

  Reservations for 2018 are available now.

Call for more information and availability.

Spiritual Retreats & Webinars

We host several retreats and throughout the year where we incorporate several interfaith and spiritual practices such as silence, meditation, yoga, self – realization, and spiritual and alchemical oil healing workshops.

  These events are life changing!

They teach us to master our thoughts and emotions and create the conditions for healing , overcoming our fears, and stepping into a life of miracles and self-actualization.

  Our retreats are specifically tailored around the belief that you are One with the Infinite Creator. All our work is based on the principle that you do not need "fixing". We work together to remove emotional blockages to restore balance and reinterpret what you already possess. This great realization will assist you to "come home" to your true self and instant healing and awakening takes place in a natural and spontaneous way.

Information on 2018 retreats and webinars are coming soon. Please call for more information, join our subscribe to our newsletter, and check the website regularly for updates.

Meditiation & Yoga Webinars

Still the Mind Meditations & Yogas

Meditation  and Yogas are a tool that helps silence the mind and unleashed clarity and true awakening.  They help restore contentment, peace and miracles in your daily life. It is a self -discovering journey that deepens our spiritual connection with Source. It helps with dissolving destructive thinking patterns, improves health and vitality, and reduces stress.

 We practice a variety of different meditation adn yoga disciplines, all of which vary in philosophy, psychology and methods of meditation.

Private Healing Sessions

Blevaspata Healing Session 


  Belvaspata stands for Healing of the Heart. This sacred gift was brought to us by the great mystic, seer and healer Almine. 

 Belvaspata cannot be understood with the mind. The purpose of this healing modality is to free us from the perceptual paradigms and obsolete belief systems that act as our metaphorical prison bars, and separate us from our oneness. It helps to release the self-limiting mindsets that affect our awareness, experiences, and personal growth. Belvaspata facilitates the removal of the illusion of all disease as well as distorted emotion and light; as such, it helps us to see the underlying perfection in all, assist with the awakening of consciousness, and awaken to the fullness of our being.      

The gift of Belvaspata is used to assist those who are seeking relief from emotional patterns of pain, anger, fear and guilt, as well as those looking for new levels of fulfillment and happiness, and enlightment.